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Prevent Home Fire Hazards Through Cleaning

Fires in the home are often preventable. A lot of home fires are started by a lack of cleanliness. Either clutter is creating a fire hazard or some appliance is left in a position or condition that is not safe. Here are some home cleaning tips that will help you stop fires before they start.

Clean Your Corners

It’s easy to get into the habit of piling dust and excess items into the corner. Those corners just make such perfect storage spaces. But when you compress the dirt and dust and store a lot of items in a small, confined area, you create potential fire hazards.

When you are sweeping and mopping, always be sure to clean out the corners. This includes the ceiling corners as well. You can use a broom to get rid of cobwebs there.

Also try to space out items instead of packing them as tight as possible in the corners. If you do have a lot of items packed into a corner, be sure to clean behind and under them as you do your regular cleaning. If you don’t, you could allow a dust and debris build up that could lead to a fire.

Clean Behind Appliances

Your fridge, microwave, oven and other large to medium appliances are all potential fire hazards. Most of these are caused by electrical problems that start with the power cords or venting systems. All of that is usually stored behind the appliance. If you clean behind your appliances when you do your regular cleaning, you can catch a lot of these problems before they start.

Make a point to inspect your power cords when you are cleaning. Also, dust off the back of your fridge and other appliances so that they can vent properly. This is particularly important with the dryer, as lint and dust build up can easily ignite.

Speaking of the dryer, make sure you clean out the lint screen after each use. Also be sure to check every place, for example the dryer door, for dust that may have broken free from the screen.


Excess lint from clothes dryers can be a fire hazard.

Clean Regularly

We’ve covered already that a lot of these cleaning methods should be utilized with regular cleaning. But how often should you be cleaning? Well, you need to take care of spills and messes as they occur. This not only prevents fires, but it also keeps your home clean and makes those messes easier to deal with.You should do some daily cleaning, such as wiping off counter tops and sweeping high traffic areas. But you also want to do weekly and monthly cleaning as well.

Every week, you should sweep and vacuum the entire house. If you are in Dublin, Ireland then you will have plenty of great companies to choose from. This cuts down on dust and keeps your home safer. Every month, you should organize and try to reduce clutter. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for and to keep your home a lot safer from potential fires.