How To Organise Your Garage Using Items You Own

house and garageThe garage is one of the most likely areas of the home to be cluttered. A lot of homeowners use the garage as an impromptu storage space. And since it serves as a workshop at times, it is also subject to more frequent messes than many other parts of the home. So how do you turn the garage from a mess to something that you can be proud of?

It’s actually pretty easy, and you can use a lot of items you have lying around the house to accomplish it.

Organize With Muffin Pans

Muffin pans are very inexpensive, and you can use them to store all your nuts, bolts, screws, nails and other small metal items. Each muffin holder can house a different kind of metal piece – nails in one holder and screws in another. You can even divide them up by sizes.

This is a great way to clean up the clutter that tends to be spread all over the garage. If you find that muffin trays are being bumped around and emptied often by accident, then you can nail or glue them down to counter tops or the tops of your tool drawers.

Get Cords Out Of The Way

One of the biggest tripping hazards in the garage comes from the power cords everywhere. You may have cords form your drill, electric lamps, power saw and other tools and equipment lying across the floor or hung over benches. Many of these may be plugged into power strips, which also create a tripping hazard.

You want to try to get them up off the floor and out of your way. It not only reduces the amount of clutter and makes the garage look cleaner, but it also makes the workplace a lot safer. You can get your cords off the floor by hanging
them on hooks. If you know that you want to keep a certain power tool or cord in a single place, then you can always staple the cord to the wall. This is ideal for lamps that you know will serve you best in a fixed location. Make sure you aren’t stapling onto the cord however, and just use the staple as a fastener to hold the cord into the wall.

Stash The Large Tools

Another big clutter problem comes in the form of large yard tools. Your rakes, hoes, brooms, weed-eaters and other long tools are usually left lying against a wall or in a corner.

That can work sometimes, but they can also fall down occasionally, and leaning makes them take up more space than they need to. Instead, you can use a wooden pallet to store them. Just fasten the pallet into the wall by means of nails, hooks or cable, then set all your long yard tools inside. The pallet keeps them from being scattered around the garage, and it ensures that you can find what you are looking for a lot easier. Just make sure you clean out the pallet first, as they can often house insects you may not want in your garage.

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